Our areas of focus range from natural resources, to municipal law, to business experience, to personal injury cases.  Please feel free to contact us if you have a particular question or issue.

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 The firm has represented both individual landowners and businesses involved in the natural resource industries (coal and natural gas). If you are an individual landowner who owns coal and mineral rights, Raptosh, Lehmier & Carbonara has the experience of dealing with coal and/or natural gas companies and drafting agreements to maximize the income from your holdings. It is important for owners of coal and mineral rights to contact an attorney before signing any paperwork. Many times, companies present a boilerplate agreement that may not reflect current industry standards.  

Additionally, the firm has performed title work for large natural resource companies to certify ownership of title and has performed work necessary to correct title issues when presented.




An estate is all the things a person or couple leaves behind after death (both assets and debts). In order to close or finalize an estate, typically a person responsible for finalizing the estate of the deceased (executor/administrator) is required to distribute the assets and pay the debts of the estate. This includes paying appropriate inheritance taxes. If a loved one has passed, our firm will assist executors/administrators fulfill their legal obligations by directing them what they should be doing and what they should not be doing (executors/administrators have legal obligations to beneficiaries and the estate). The firm will prepare an accounting for the estate and will prepare the inheritance tax return for the estate.



 A Will is a written document that provides directives of your affairs after your death. The type of Will or what is included in the Will depends on each person’s personal situation. The attorneys at Raptosh, Lehmeir & Carbonara will happily sit down and discuss your situation and will make suggestions based on your proposed directives. Wills are typically not expensive and, when properly prepared, stream-line the estate process and solve many problems that would likely occur if not properly set forth.


Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney (POA) is a document that authorizes someone else to act on your behalf. There are different types of POAs: (1) Durable/General POA; and (2) Health Care POA. 

A Durable Power of Attorney or General Power of Attorney grants an individual power to manage your financial affairs and conduct other business for you. A durable POA can be limited or general and can become effective immediately upon execution or only upon your incapacity as determined by your physician. In general, it allows an individual to perform any act that may be legally done by you. A limited POA gives only specific powers to an agent and only under certain circumstances (i.e. selling a property). A Health Care Power of Attorney authorizes another person to make health care decisions for you if you are unable to do so.



Depending on your specific situation, a divorce may encompass many sub-areas of the law:
(a) custody; (b) support; (c) alimony; (d) alimony pendent lite; and (e) equitable distribution
of property. The attorneys at Raptosh, Lehmier & Carbonara have been assisting individuals
and their families through the difficult times of divorce and custody for many years. When
relationships break down, it gives people peace of mind to understand their rights and obligations
under the law.

Not only does the firm litigate divorce and custody cases through the courts, but it is also
certified in the Collaborative Divorce process.


Collaborative Divorce is a modern approach to divorce that is best explained as a process in which the lawyers for both sides agree to assist the parties to resolve conflicts by employing cooperative techniques rather than going to court and using adversarial strategies. The design of Collaborative Divorce is for the parties to commit themselves to achieving a negotiated outcome through interest-based discussions. The parties agree that no litigation will be commenced during the negotiations and the parties use joint resources/professionals to remedy problem issues. More and more, parties understand that requesting the courts to resolve all their disputes is time-consuming, expensive and leaves them out of the process.



The firm handles real estate transactions from start to finish for individuals and businesses. If
you are a seller, we can assist you with the preparation and negotiation of the Agreement of Sale,
as well as the preparation of a Deed. If you are a buyer, we will complete a title search of the
property, work with your lending institution to satisfy any financing requirements and complete
the closing. In addition, our firm has experience in resolving various title problems that arise
with real estate transactions. 

Raptosh, Lehmier & Carbonara handle cases in which property owners have lost, or who are in the process of losing their property due to non-payment of real estate taxes. There are two types of tax sales in Pennsylvania: (1) public sales; and (2) private sales. A County has the right to sell your property if you have failed to pay your taxes for a given number of years. Pennsylvania law requires that a County strictly comply with the various provisions of the Tax Sale law during the entire process or the sale will be deemed invalid. For a variety of reasons, a County sometimes is unable to meet all the requirements of the Tax Sale when selling the property. However, it is the burden of the property owner to raise the issue of non-compliance. If you find your property subject to either type of Tax Sale, please contact Raptosh, Lehmier & Carbonara to determine if you might be in a position to fight the Tax Sale.  

The cost of fighting a Tax Sales is done on a two-tier process (Investigative Charge and Court Charge) to prevent clients from spending good money after bad. Initially, a client pays for an Investigative Charge which covers Raptosh, Lehmier & Carbonara investigating the County records to determine if your property is a candidate for setting aside the Tax Sale and generating a report. Should the investigation reveal inconsistencies showing non-compliance with the Tax Sale statute, you will be advised of the inconsistencies and you will then determine if you want to move forward with the fighting of the Tax Sale. If you decide you want to proceed with fighting the Tax Sale, you will then be charged a Court Charge which covers the filing of a Petition and all paperwork with the Court and the attorneys appearance at all court hearings.



Raptosh, Lehmier & Carbonara currently serve as the Solicitor to five boroughs, four municipal authorities, a county authority and the Cambria County Tax Collection Committee. The firm also represents the Sheriff’s offices of Cambria and Bedford Counties. The firm has years of experience serving their municipal and quasi-municipal organizations with the attorneys having long standing relationships with these organizations.



Raptosh, Lehmier & Carbonara offer comprehensive services in many areas in corporate law and business counseling. If you are getting a business started, we can provide you with the correct business model (corporation, limited liability company (LLC), partnership, etc.) and perform the necessary work to assure that proper documents have been executed and filed to permit your business to operate pursuant to law. We also assist in obtaining and registering with the Pennsylvania’s Corporation Bureau.  

The acquisition or sale of a business (or a share/percentage of a business), is a complicated process wherein the details matter. Individual and business clients of the firm have relied upon our experience to protect their interest during acquisition and sales of business assets and to minimize the risk in such a transaction.



When an accident occurs it makes sense to understand if you have a claim and whether you can
recover money damages on that claim. Raptosh, Lehmier & Carbonara serves as a trusted voice
for individuals who have been injured to provide them with sound advice and strategic plans for
the best recovery.

Individuals are inundated with commercials from law firms outside the local area with catchy
phrases and promises. Unfortunately, these law firms do not always have your best interests
in mind when handling your case. These firms handle a large quantity of cases in which nonlawyers handle a majority of the portions of the case and are designed to resolve cases quickly.

The lawyers at Raptosh, Lehmier & Carbonara will be the ones who will communicate with you
and help you guide your decisions that will end in a result that you are satisfied with.
Consultations regarding these matters are free.